One plus one = more than two

One plus one = more than two

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One plus one = more than two

CHI-TORCH as Interior Architects

The most extravagant thing one could hope for living in the city is a green space to enjoy. Despite the size of this residence, it has a great mission for the soon to be new-born baby member of the family. Every part of the residence was designed as a perfectly baby-friendly environment. There are no needless compartments and no harsh acute angles. What remain are the natural lighting, open floor plan design, an enlarged space, and an overall thoroughly planned design. The focus of this residence is definitely on taste. Proportion, color, and scale are the elements forming this taste. Lacking one of these elements would affect the whole plan. The major color tones, white and grey, create a calming atmosphere. Furniture was chosen by its sense of the design which enhances the proportion and color tones. Color and furniture selection uphold the taste of this project without the limitation of space. Who said one can't exclusively enjoy this extravagant dream of natural greenery? Let's live in this harmonized house brought together by taste and Mother Nature.

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Renovation of a Brutalist House
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Renovation of a Brutalist House

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