Tones Harmonize

Tones Harmonize

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Tones Harmonize

CHI-TORCH as Interior Architects

Tones harmonize in one space. When it comes to Industrial meeting Nordic styles, lines of vertical meeting curved, and colors of contrary meeting complementary, CHI-TORCH believes tones of different living kinds could blend in the meantime with thinking and imaginative sense of beauty.

Regarding this case, CHI-TORCH realized the house was somehow short at public living space. To settle existing dimension defects such as bedrooms bigger than living room, CHI-TORCH made adjustments of partitions to not only amplify living region but also spare an entry-porch and study/guest room.

The house owner with lively personalities loves relaxing all efforts inside her dream mood-easing, personal space after off duty. Based on the owner’s individual characteristics and desires, CHI-TORCH built up this space with tones of New York frosty Industrial and Nordic torrid Skandia blending in each other. At present, the owner looks forward to a banquet for tasting wine with her spouse each night in the ‘exclusive only for them’ home space whose gentle-curved walls play in harmony with cold steeled racks for rare vintages collection of wine and books, fascinating light and classic furniture.

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