ÖÖD house

ÖÖD house

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ÖÖD house

ÖÖD as Architects

The idea of the ÖÖD house was born when brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik were planning a weekend of hiking. They were looking for a small house in a beautiful spot where they could spend the night. However, all they could find were log houses for larger groups of people or small houses of mediocre quality. They were far from the ideal house the brothers were looking for and did not meet their expectations or the goal of the holiday. This experience gave them the idea for an innovative solution, which offers an excellent combination of beautiful nature, accommodation and design.

The underlying architectural idea of the ÖÖD house was to create a design that would blend into the surrounding environment in the best possible manner. This is why the design created for the ÖÖD house is mostly simple and harmonious, and doesn’t compete with the surrounding environment. A natural setting is the best location for an ÖÖD house, as it highlights its surroundings whilst remaining invisible itself. The creators of the ÖÖD house say that the more beautiful the environment, the better an ÖÖD house looks. When the Tiik brothers take clients to view show houses, they like seeing people’s reactions at the moment they distinguish the house from the surrounding environment.

An ÖÖD house does not have a specific single function or use. On the contrary, the client specifies what the houses will be used for, which means that every house will have its own story told in cooperation with the customer.

The client’s contribution and interest is evident in the various ideas sent in from all over the world. For example, the brothers have received letters from Hawaii, where the client wanted to use an ÖÖD house for surfing gear rental, whilst a client from France wanted an art gallery. Ideas for a boutique car showroom as well as a house with a glass roof where romantics and nature lovers can watch the Northern lights have also been offered.

The ÖÖD house has won people’s hearts all over the world, but this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any new developments. There is still a lot to be done in product development, so keep your eyes peeled, because the creators of the ÖÖD house have some surprises up their sleeve.

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