Open Air Museum Cieszyn. Český Tĕšín.

Open Air Museum Cieszyn. Český Tĕšín.

RS+ Robert Skitek
aleja Piastowska 12, 43-400 Cieszyn, Poland | View Map
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Urban Green Spaces


Open Air Museum Cieszyn. Český Tĕšín.

RS+ Robert Skitek as Architects

Our main aim was to create an attractive public space and to design carriers for an exhibition about the history of a divided city. The task was demanding enough, because we had at our disposal only a very narrow, wooded and quite abandoned strip of land on the steep bank of the Olza River.


We have redesigned the pedestrian and bicycle route to make it more attractive with varied greenery. Between the trees we have arranged seating platforms, which are supposed to attract here young people. However, the most important challenge was to create a characteristic element – a symbol of the Museum, which would link areas belonging to two different countries. We decided to create a kind of appeal for those walking on the other side of the border river: “hey, here we are, it’s worth coming here, we invite you warmly”. The Time Circles became such an appeal, which illuminated perfectly attract the attention of pedestrians and provide information about important events in the history of the city. In addition, they are also a place to spend time at the waterfront – roofed, with comfortable wooden seats allow you to relax by the river.


All the designed elements are totally contemporary despite the proximity of the castle hill. They highlight the unique character of the Open Air Museum, which makes wide use of modern technologies and today’s cooperation between the two parts of Cieszyn for the reunion of the city.

Architects: RS+ Robert Skitek

Investor: Cieszyn Municipality 
Location: Cieszyn

Design: 2018

Copleted: 2019

Author: arch. Robert Skitek, 

Cooperation: arch. Jakub Zygmunt, arch. Jarosław Zieliński, arch. Joanna Kujda

Structure: Lechprojekt, Marta Weszke, Leszek Weszke, Piotr Weszke

Planting plan: landscape design studio, Tomasz Kurtek

Photographs: Tomasz Zakrzewski

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