Oslo Medieval Park Exhibiton

Oslo Medieval Park Exhibiton

MMW Architects
Upper Railway Square, Norway
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Oslo Medieval Park Exhibiton

MMW Architects as Architects

MMW made the exhibition on the Upper Railway Square in conjuction with the exhibition of the three alternative plans for the future Medieval Park. With a total weight of 20 ton, the 85 concrete railway sleepers makes a notched structure of walls where the exhibitons aluminum posters was attached to. From the main entrance of the street and the two side entrances, the experience of the construction appears as a stack of concrete from the outside, but with a closer view the dissolved “church” becomes more clear.

The railway conncetion between Oslo and Europe is strengthened through the coming years and among the local businessesan new situation for the greener central area, known as the Medieval Park. Here you will find the city’ s oldest ruins and one of them is the Maria Church. The form from the ruins of the Maria Church and the future railway was the base for MMW’s develpoment of the exhibition design. The thought behind was to draw attention to the three alternative plans for the future development of the park. The structure has a reference to time and place of the Medieval Park’s history, while the materiality has a reference to the new Follo railway’s future.

MMW’s idea for the exhibition was that the structure placed in this very heavy trafficked andpublic space, had to spatial and robustly. Since we had a limited budget and access to resources, we were looking for materials that could be borrowed and ready for use, to cut the expenses. With this “pre-circulation” we mean “use the material before the planned use”. When the exhibiton was over, the railway sleepers was reused in the new Follo railway.

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