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Delta Porsgrunn

Delta Porsgrunn

MMW Architects

Re Arkitektur AS
Kjølnesgata, Porsgrunn, Norway | View Map
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Sustainable building at Campus Kjølnes

MMW Architects as Architects

Delta Porsgrunn is a top modern, environmentally friendly office building on 5000 square meter. The office complex facilitates a coherent environment for researching, public administration and private business within the pedagogical and technological fields.

The deisgn of the house is a clear signal to the users and the audience about Kjølnes ambitions as a regional meeting place for research and industry. An architecture that does not consume more than it returns - a low- energy building that shapes sustainability – and at the same time an aesthetic boldness for the campus area in Porsgrunn.


Delta Porsgrunn is located in the center of Kjølnes with good access opportunitets for cars, bikes and public transport. The ultimate connection point for the future, which, with its loaction and exposure to the road, hopefully quckly establishes itself in peoples awareness as a signal building for the area.

The program of the building is intended to take care of the campus need for a gathering place for different user groups. We need public areas to cultivate life and dynamics within a building. These are necessary for people engagement and participation in activities with each other both as student, employees, partners or as visitors.

The ambitions was to make a sustainable and rentable building with low energy use throughout its lifetime.

As architects, our foremost important task is to always consider the surroundings we are making a footprint on. Therefore, with curiosity and ambition we studied the history of Porsgrunn before making ans architectural design for the building. 

If you look closely at the fruit of the Pors plant you will notice a triangular shape. In this way, we hope that the design communicates anchoring to the site preserving the cultural values in the local community, and that the project has an attitude towards gentleness, environmentally friendly solutions and use of material as in the old days.


We have made a deliberate choice to build in sustainable and maintenance-free materials with an aesthetic level that communicates Porsgrunns history and quality of the area.

The fundaments are built in in-situ concrete with bearing prefabricated pillars. Roof beams, deck and facades are also made in prefabricated concrete elements with 170 mm isolation. Window frames in robus aluminium with sun protection folders.

A traditionally 350 mm warm compact roof with a supporting system. The ridge turrets roof is made in prefrabricated steel. The construction makes it possible to set the right angle for both headlights and solar panels.


The building body is designed after functional principals and the main form, a triangel is inspired by the cycle processes. Collecting energy from its surroundings and giving it back.

The building has a central and open atrium as “the heart” where meeting and information exchange hands daily. The main entrance is clear and easily readable, while giving direct access to some meeting and study rooms, common canteen/café, so that these can function independently of the main entrance when it is natural. The atrium is designes with great emphasis on user service. From here, it is easy to orient both in terms of the buildings floor plane, various tenants and activites, as well as inside. 

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