Simone Micheli
Chioggia , Italy
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OVERSEA BUILDING | A real sustainable story in Chioggia

Simone Micheli as Architects

Client Ghirardon Group’s Mission Oversea Building is an extraordinary, eco-innovative, eco-functional residential complex whose decidedly eco- design bears the signature of the brilliant architect Simone Micheli. A true window over the sea, this new architecture developed by Ghirardon Group is geared to the world-class property market. The complex is a whole new approach to the buildings we live in. With an A-class energy rating, it is self-sustainable, using photovoltaic and geothermal technologies. Located a stone’s throw from the sea, the new building offers top-of-market amenities. Large, all-around terraces are a key architectural feature. The mission of the Ghirardon Group is to make available beautiful, functional and ethically impeccable buildings that cater for occupant requirements. Whatever the project, Ghirardon Group aims to generate arresting architecture that meets the most stringent technical performance regulations. A key driver in any endeavour today has to be full compliance with an increasingly demanding property market, where iconic buildings have to respond to man’s dreams and needs. With its singular building projects, Ghirardon Group is a forerunner, pointing the way to a new approach to the spaces we occupy. Oversea Building is a perfect example of this new vision where quality of life is achieved by taking special care of how we transform the material world. With its focus on aesthetics and content, the Company aims to lead the way, providing an operating model based on ethics and social responsibility. Manuel Ghirardon

Architect Simone Micheli’s architectural and interior design project Oversea Building stands before the sea as a powerful totemic image. An eco-compliant landmark building, it symbolises the very future of architecture. The building’s essential geometry has a streamlined fluidity that projects it upward. With 6 above-ground storeys and a surface area of 3325 square metres, it combines a series of running balconies and high density technology, such as huge photovoltaic panels that are an integral part of the architectural aesthetic. The sleek, streamlined interior design mirrors the dynamic exterior. Significant sections of this iconic building are presented at Abitare il Tempo 2010. A 3- D cross sectional model illustrates the project’s focus on sustainability and optimization of building and running costs, without sacrificing quality. Eschewing any temptation to cut corners and fall into the trap of development speculation, the project fuses function and form. The perfect osmosis between exterior and interior make the building truly “post-organic”, allowing for seamless transition between inside and out, between building envelope and technical plant. The Oversea Building project deliberately aims to bring a new lease of life to a built environmental remarkable only for its drabness, and ugly, stereotype constructions. It is hoped that the new building will set a trend towards aesthetic regeneration. Oversea Building tells an exciting story of excellence of form and performance. It is an architectural entity belonging to a completely new dimension. Our cities, suburbs, exteriors and interiors need a thorough overhaul if we are to return to an urban fabric whose interfaces are truly osmotic and allow all manner of exchange and interactivity - the essence of the vitality that infused our urban centres in the past. If our current Brutalist urban systems are to achieve this sort of interconnection, we must create a network capable of containing a medley of different stories, ideas and functions. The architectures too must be many and varied, standing not in glorious isolation but as part of an intermeshed system that encourages hybridization, contamination and, even more important, an interdisciplinary approach. Our complex times demand that we re-appropriate certain values and truths, discard insignificant trends that lead nowhere. We must re-discover the simplicity of the extremely complex. Oversea Building brings together all these aspects to proclaim it belongs to a future that is already here. Both inside and out, it contains a whole series of stories that together make it part of our future urban network. Simone Micheli

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