Pachacamac Museum & Visitor Centre

Pachacamac Museum & Visitor Centre

Utopus Studio
Lima, Peru
Project Year
Cultural Centres



Pachacamac Museum

Utopus Studio as Architects

The proposal for the new Pachacamac Museum and Visitor Centre is organized as sequences of patios and courtyards that allow for programmatic flexibility and “voids spaces” where visitors can relax between exhibits. An overlapping system of platforms, walls, ramps and wells composed over the slope integrate the building to the Pachacamac archeological site, 40 km southeast of Lima, Peru. Through this staggered circulation system, visitors are taken through a series of spatial narratives describing the evolution of the Pachacamac culture in southern Peru. Each exhibition hall is treated as an enclosed box illuminated by skylights where artifacts, objects, textiles and jewelry are displayed thematically in a continuous layout that also refers to ancient spatial articulation of the space by the indigenous culture.

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