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GENERAL DESIGN: The bias of SO/AP agency was to design an urban pattern generated by tools for parametric programming. The urban grid, the study of heights and typology of housing are the optimized results from simulations between a 3D parametric design software, and software for environmental analysis.

All data as solar radiation, natural lighting condition, thermal performance and water consumption have been integrated to the urban design from the beginning.

A urban grid with 20/20m plots - 10m spaced -, is at first uniformly contorted to have the optimize pattern following the contour lines on slopping fields. The simulating of solar potential generates two progressive areas of highest building. It defined two urban attractive areas; each one will be specially focused on winter activities or summer activities. A last parametric control working on plots morphology, define the optimized housing typology and zoning area.

In order to benefit of the ski lift both in summer and winter, the city is implanted at the foot of the skiing plateau and extends westward into the hillside in order to preserve as much plain in its natural states as possible.

As this plain is serviced at is two end points, the projects also plan to build two gateway permitting simultaneous the access and the storage of the goods without having to access to the city.

Between these two extremities three poles can be distinguish, the first one is at the bottom of the slopes and is oriented in the winter sports, at the other end toward the plain the city is focused on the summer recreation. These two poles are connected through a third one which is more access on the residential and sports area.

HEALTH RESORT CENTER: The arrival of the visitors to the Health resort is emphasized with the cable car coming directly into the heart of the building. This system allows the health resort area to remain entirely pedestrian. Cable cars are also used to carry goods from the multimodal platform. The hotel levels are located under the health resort. On each of them an intimate piano bar, restaurant or swimming pool is planned in addition to the main public facilities on the arrival level. External recreational spaces are developed behind and above the building.

The health resort it-self is divided into six specific areas directly reachable from the entrance hall: the pools area extending to the external bath; the treatment zone with massage and specific therapeutic treatments rooms; A sport area consisting in a large equipped sport room and secondary rooms for yoga and thai shi classes ; a consultation area where with specialist doctors and therapist.

MULTIMODAL LOGISTIC SERVICES: The biggest issue for these kinds of cities is the goods management to supply the city. As resellers need to import most of the goods there is important lorry traffic. A way to control and minimize it would be to store the most part of the non-perishable goods and mutualize the delivery of goods in one place at the entrance of the city.

Taking into account the topographical, flows constraints, the needs of parking and storage, we decided to design at the entrance of the city a building that will manage all these points.

This building has three major functions : to reduce 40% of the circulation inside the city ; to create an access between the city and the road by reaching the level difference of 15 meters between them ; to sort out the different urban traffics and flows of person and goods.

From this parking you have also a direct connection to the cable car station or bus station. The third level is composed of a parking of 150 places for people working in the multimodal platform, production facilities connected to the storage by lift and the cable car station.

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