Tamás Bujnovszky

Team: Kiss Flóra, Aleksandra Milewska, Maddyn Mathias, Jesús Sánchez, Khrystyna Kurovets, Ozan Sen, Zentai Kinga, Berivan Atik, Horváth Rebeka, Mokos Mariann

Table is a Parliament Parliament is a Table uses the picnic table as a module to create the parliament project that functions both as a gathering place and as a place for debate.You can sit down by the table at the lower level of the arena structure, share food with others and welcome visitors.­ It fosters inclusivity, diversity and demonstrates the ritual of welcoming: at Project Village 2016 everyone is welcome at the table and welcome to join in the debate. The project aims to re­think the archetypal amphitheatre space. It becomes a tribune for exchange and expression in various media such­ as sound, music, dance and both the still and moving image. It is as much a place for entertainment as a political space. In our community the expression of oneself should be as natural as eating or drinking. Politics, democracy, entertainment and partying simultaneously shape the spaces of communal living.

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