Marion Lafogler


Manuel Benedikter Architekt Architetto as Architects

Farmhouse - a traditional holiday house interpreted in a modern way. The farmer family needed a new house for three generations and some apartments for tourists. Because this building is located in one of the most famous point of view to Dolomites, in South Tyrol. To face this challenge two different and separate houses were designed. The “parents’ house” for two generations, and the “sons house” for only one. Both houses stand close one to each other. The holiday apartments are close to the other buildings but with an independent entrance.


The steepness of the slope where the building is situated and the distance to the neighbors made the design process a very hard challenge. The houses complex follows the natural mountain slope, in this way, from each apartment, you could enjoy a perfect view to the Geisler Mountains, and nevertheless each apartment manages to preserve its intimacy.


The visitors enter in the highest level and then they follow the shape of the building and so from that point they go down one or two stores to come inside of their apartment.


The house is inspired by the existing barn with the same roof inclination to a better context adaptation. The façades materials reflect the people inside the building: the client's houses are covered with wood strips and they create, together with the wooden barn, a harmonious panorama, meanwhile guests’ apartments and the common areas are made with white plaster.


The large balconies and roofs are hold together by strong brown metal cladded frames, whichmark the clients' apartments.


Two different surfaces describe the use of the area: wood for the private areas of the farmers and guests and stone for the areas, which are accessible by everyone.The courtyard between the apartments can be used to have a barbecue or for small parties. On the groundfloor are three other holiday apartments with direct access to the garden.


A holiday on a farm in a new, contemporary style, combined with traditional materials and a typical local design language. Conspicuous without attracting attention, a pleasant place to spend your holidays in Villnöss.


Material Used :

1. The external walls show a thermal insulation composite system.

2. The facades of client's apartments on the upper floorare covered with wood strips.

3. The facades of guests’ apartments and common areasconsist of white render.

4. The roof is based on a wood construction.

5. Roof cladding and frames consist of brown metal.

6. Wood surface on balconies.

7. Stone surface on common areas.

8. Inner floors in oak.

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