Placco House

Placco House

Thesia Progetti Studio
Padova, Italy
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Placco House

Thesia Progetti Studio as Architects

This building stands in the countryside of Padova (IT) and it si surrounded by open crop fields, that inspires the project design as main motive. There are 3 main elements composing the entire structure, which recall the typical shape of past rural buildings: the manor, the porch, and the dovecot.

A concrete foundation slab holds the weight of the entire project which has been realised with a mix structure of concrete frame and low U-value masonry.A polystyrene thermal insulation layer has been placed between the inner bricks layer and the outer one that has been covered with natural plaster. The intere complex is sheltered through ventilated roofs which present exposed wooden rafters sealed to the circling concrete beam and joint together with metal clamps. Interiors have been designed to fit the clients needs and desires implementing a modern style into a typical rural construction.

Ground floors are made out of polished concrete dyed with black pigments, while the upper level presents spruce wooden floorboards. There is just one stair that works as junction between the living room and the first floor. This element represents a connection not only through its function, but also thanks to a material distinguish, that divides the stairway in two parts: a lower portion, composed by 5 steps, made of the same material as the ground floor, and an upper one that presents solid wood steps built in the structural wall.

A series of spotlights built in the ceiling and in the floor grant a prefect ambient illumination, while the porch is enlighten through star shaped suspended lamps, memories of Mexico visits.

The three main buildings arrangement forms a court presenting a typical barnyard, covered in concreate and masonry (to recall the structural materials the house is made of) which collects rain water and channels it into a artificial basin, placed at the garden border.

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