Praia dos Lagos house
Leonardo Finotti

Praia dos Lagos house

Sotero Arquitetos as Architects

The 1126 m² land of the Residence in Praia dos Lagos had very interesting characteristics. From the front of lot you can see the lagoon, at the back the there is the sea. The topography was'nt very complicated, with 3 meter of difference between the street level and the main part of the lot.

The intervention strategy was directed to implant a building where the visuals, from the lagoon to the northwest and from the sea to the southeast, were respected. So, we divided the house in 4 volumes that ended up by sectorizing the programs and their functioning.

The common spaces of the residence were placed on the northwest / southeast axis, in order to allow the contemplation of the landscape in the environments of greater permanence of the users. The intimate and service sector would be to the south of the lot, in two volumes, taking advantage of the best guidelines of ventilation and ensoleamiento for the dormitories. Already the guest house would function independently to the north of the site.

Access to the residence takes place through a concrete staircase, winning a span of 2.80m on a landscaped slope. At level 7.00, we have access to a pool and whirlpool and a reception garden.

Taking advantage of the terrain in slope, we situate on the plateau at 7.00, at 2.80m from the street level, the leisure spaces of the residence and most of the service program. A opened concrete box marks the access to the public sector of the house, being the first of the four volumes identified by the user. With a slab of 60sqm, and supports only at the ends, it promotes shade to the balcony and the gourmet space. In this box the kitchen and the service area are further developed, as well as access to the basement.

Still on the ground floor, there is a game of tensions between two volumes that turn to the sea with a concrete slide that connects them. Two inverted reinforced concrete beams, 75cm high, throw the slab that defines the dining room and the wooden deck. In addition to providing a space without the interference of pillars, the slab promotes the connection between the dormitories of the residents with the guest pavilion.

The guest pavilion has access independent of the rest of the residence. Its operation is made possible through a program with canopy, living room and dormitory in each of the two floors. A concrete staircase, side-closing in glass and wood, connects the ground floor to the first floor of the volume.

The volume where the owners' dormitories are located houses the ground floor the home theater and the living room. On the first floor are the bedroom of the couple's daughters and the master suite, both facing the sea.

In the subsoil, in quota 4.10, the Portuguese stone paving promotes the integration between the parking and the street. In this pavement is located the service area, warehouse, dorms for employees and toilets. A pergola of concrete promotes shade to parked cars, creating a space of transition between the street and the private environment.

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