Sede da OAB Bahia
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Sede da OAB Bahia

Sotero Arquitetos as Architects

The project for headquarters of the Brazilian Bar Association - Bahia Section (OAB-BA) was developed to be implemented at the Administrative Center. The proposal contemplates, besides the institutional headquarters of the Order, the Superior School of Advocacy (ESA) and the Bahia Lawyers Assistance Box (CAA-BA), institutions that have their operations directly related to OAB-BA.

The first design attitudes were guided by factors such as: limitations on the building parameters established by the Administrative Center‘s Master Plan, that only allowed occupying a maximum of 30% of the land, rugged plot topography and needing to be work on phases.

As a result of analysis of all the conditioning factors, it was opted for a longitudinal deployment on the land, following the main direction of the level curves. The slim and long volume consists of two main buildings at the ends, connected through a sunroom that gives the project formal unity, serves as a walkway and also houses,  restaurant and a bookstore.

In the lower slope, the northern portion of the land, is located the OAB headquarters and the remaining area on the opposite side, the southern part, is the Superior School of Advocacy and the Assistance Box of Lawyers of Bahia.

The idea of ​​establishing a relationship of permeability to common use was materialized through the open ground floor and the transparent facades to the outside, symbolizing the search for an urbanity that is in all things identified with the values ​​of democracy and transparency.

The main building (OAB) is organized around an internal courtyard, has a U-shape and develops into six floors (two basements, ground floor and three type floors). Through the ground floor, almost all open, we have access to two auditoriums. The routes were solved by stairs and ramps that reveal the building to us.

The block housing ESA and CAAB has five floors (two basements, ground floor and two type floors). CAAB occupies the two above-ground type floors, while ESA occupies the two below-ground type floors.

The new OAB Headquarters was designed in a rigorous, objective and reasoned manner, aiming at the technical, temporal and economic viability of the work. Rule, repetition, modulation were used as the basis for a striking image.

With a structural module of 7.5m x 8.00m, the building stands in reinforced concrete that is used as an external image. Concrete, glass and granite formalize the construction finish in a synthetic and sober way.

Material Used:

1. Concrete

2. Glass

3. Granite

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