Primary Care Center, Manresa

Primary Care Center, Manresa

05 AM Arquitectura

Joan Arnau

Carme Muñoz
manresa, Spain
Project Year
Care Homes

Primary Care Center, Manresa

05 AM Arquitectura as Architects

The building is situated on the limit of the town and in front of the railways and is integrated into its urban context closer, identifying the specific character of the pre-existing elements, defining it’s shape around them with the aim to revaluate them. A line of poplars, replacing the existing ones which were in poor condition, and a repository of old railway facilities, limit the exterior space of the access to the building. The volume on the street has two floors, a direct encounter with the pavement and vertical openings. But the volumes facing the railway context are single storey, witch doesn’t have direct contact with the ground and it’s openings are unified in a single horizontal strip, thereby these solutions are defining a sensitive approach to it’s context. All the programmatic uses are resolved in the ground floor for easy accessibility; this decision will allow the building to interact intensely with the site. The hall is positioned strategically in the centre of gravity of the building, acting as a panoptic space, related with the different uses as well as with the pre-existing exterior elements. At one end of the hall a courtyard surrounding the large poplar, which acts as a separator of the spaces for a different uses. The waiting areas have skylights and windows designed intentionally to frame the foliage of the poplars, and the repository of old railway facilities. The response to the site becomes a resource, an opportunity to add value to this functional resolution of the health center.

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