Private Apartment

Private Apartment

Sikora Wnętrza
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Private Apartment

Sikora Wnętrza as Designers

Over one-hundred-meter apartment in Gdansk was designed by the design studio Sikora Wnętrza ( Arrangement combines the style of a loft with the refined elegance of urban chic.

The interior is dominated by dark colors - walls painted black, dark brick and a distinct brown of wooden furniture give the interior an exquisite character. Dark colors, as you know, visually reduce the interior, but in the case of such a large apartment is not a problem, and even emphasizes its spaciousness. Light wood floors balance the darker colors, giving the interior a light touch. At the same time, they ease the climate of the arrangement.

The flat was divided into three zones: open - shared for all residents, hospitable, and private. The division is very clearly outlined, which means that the zones do not interfere with each other.

The living room combined with the kitchen and dining room is an ideal place not only for relaxation but also for socializing. Open kitchen allows the hosts to prepare meals without neglecting guests.

Arrangement of this space is the quintessence of unforced, slightly nonchalant elegance in a slightly industrial atmosphere. Brick on the walls and intriguing buildings in the form of a metal suspended frame create a climate characteristic for lofts. At the same time, it arbitrarily sets zones in an open space.

The previous corridor, from which we have access to the room and dressing room, creates a kind of buffer that preserves the maximum separation of the private zone. Thanks to this, it was an oasis of privacy and peace, in which an additional bathroom by the bedroom was added.

The private zone clearly differs from the rest of the flat, although it refers to it. However, it is maintained in much brighter colors, which calms the arrangement and gives it a cozy atmosphere.

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