Private house in Budapest XII

Private house in Budapest XII

Zsuffa és Kalmár Építész Műterem (ZSK Architects)
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Tamás Bujnovszky

Private house in Budapest XII

Zsuffa és Kalmár Építész Műterem (ZSK Architects) as Architects

It would be possible to describe a private residence with only one coherent and consistent sentence, if its quality was concentrated enough. However, we decided to introduce this particular project of ZSK Architects with a certain set of words and their description. These words are important parts of the vocabulary used during the everyday work in the office, even though there is not any formal dictionary defining their strict meaning.


WIDER CONTEXT - The spaces are arranged to provide a clear top floor for the living spaces, very much like a look-out tower. Although this basic scheme requires certain compromises (like the access to this floor through a double-height hall), it also grants precious view and special connection to all of the significant church towers in Buda.


PROPER BEHAVIOUR - The house interprets itself as a condensed blending in to the surrounding hillside villas of Buda. Its size does not exceed possibilities. It seeks relationship with the historical and contemporary context, the architectural values of the neighbourhood (Árkay, Basa, Major, Puhl).


LINE-MAGIC - Refers to a series of activity while all lines find their aesthetical and functional role. This alignment can be used in every scale from concept (outside kitchen) to small details (brass dilatation line in the brick wall).


CHARACTER ISSUES - The brick facade is harmonized with the colour of concrete elements, pavement and zinc. This adjustment seams to avoid confusion caused by too many characters. The grey colour materiality serves as a background for the fine/subtle brass structures.


DURABILITY - When something meets all the technical/engineering requirements and can still be precisedly constructed despite the approximate building culture in Hungary. Also a possibility to improve reliable solutions and to learn both from previous mistakes and instructive references of other buildings we admire (like Kolumba Museum by P. Zumthor and Am Kupfergraben 10 by D. Chipperfield in this case).


COMFORTING - A desired phase of the drawing, when it seems to be ok, no matter if it is bold or conventional. Always easier said than done.

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