Private House N1-Velingrad

Private House N1-Velingrad

Alexandrina Nenkova
Velingrad, Bulgaria
Project Year
Private Houses
Assen Emilov
Product Spec Sheet
ManufacturersGAMMA DESIGN
ManufacturersHelix Design
ManufacturersLigne Roset

Private House N1-Velingrad

Alexandrina Nenkova as Architects

The House is situated in the countryside of southern Bulgaria, an area famous for its numerous sunny days and an abundance of mineral water springs. It was a long term project that took the best part of 8 years; for all participants it was a process of discovery of new spaces, new cultures, and new ideas that ultimately became a process of self-discovery. During the reconstruction process, some of the new structural elements had to be demolished completely as they did not support the new concept. The idea was to create a soft, smooth space that one could fly through, or float in; a space without barriers, a space where light, colour and air are one. Natural materials, unprocessed surfaces and soft textures dominate the main design theme; recycling is the defining concept in some of the areas. The resulting balance creates the optimum light and sound comfort.

By Katya Ford

Project team
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