ProCredit BANK - Kosova

ProCredit BANK - Kosova

Maden Group
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ProCredit BANK - Kosova

Maden Group as Architects


The image of ProCredit Bank, the development of technology and the need to facilitate services to customers reflected in the creation of Area 24/7. Basic requirement was to connect Area 24/7 or Self Service with its administration or Service Point, without interference design. According to the principles of Bank, which are transparency and safety, for our studio was very challenging by considering the contradictions that reflect these principles in design. Therefore, the concept is based on simplicity, transparency and prosperity referring to the created brand by ProCredit Bank. Technological advancements as an essential parts has enabled us to create the relation of our philosophies to the adaptation of all branches throughout Kosovo.


After continuous and objective analysis of the content of concept into three main pillars, simplicity, safety and prosperity, we evolve the design, characterized by simplicity, white color domination and the acquisition of the red details. Cleanliness design reflects transparency, sustainability and attraction of clients with the Bank. It is known that in the Balkan states, financial security is necessary and substitution of ordinary services with services through the ATM Machines should be attractive and safe. So, conceptually each object is divided into two areas that are necessarily inversely proportional to the function and operation of their time. The first area in the entrance of the facility is dedicated to 24/7 Zone which is an 24/7 service, and the rest is reserved for service directly to the bank. Interconnection of these spaces is carried out by transparent glasses where security at night in parts of Service Point is essential. This was achieved thanks to intelligent systems which is involved in all concepts and are part of development of Bank itself.


The approach of environmental responsibility is an important part of ProCredit Bank's social responsibility and value of integrated philosophy Bank. Therefore, the establishment of branches in the dense urban parts leads to integration of nature indispensable in domestic space. Futuristic updated environment and warmth environment that brings greenery is also an attraction for these public spaces, where attendance is the predictability large, where the selection of greenery has become predictable, which reflected a greenery stable and neutral fluctuations. This detailed space occupies 5-10% of thing that strengthens the policy of ProCredit Bank in Kosovo.

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