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Project Treehouse

Project Treehouse

Csóromfölde, Hungary
Project Year
Tamás Bujnovszky

Project Treehouse

frundgallina as Architects

It is the small details, such as the closed and tilted angles of the sides that define the final look, minimalist form and considerable (12.5m) height of the Treehouse. As it is not a classic cubic structure, the inward-leaning triangular walls significantly reduce the interior space in the cabin. The only way of expanding the living space was therefore for the builders to increase the height of the building. It is fair to say that it is the small details that define the Treehouse, and not the other way around. The builders very much concentrated on the details before focusing on the whole.

The Treehouse is a haven and functions almost like a lighthouse for lost travellers. People inside can put a light on the roof of the wood-panelled cabin to signal to travellers that they are more than welcome to visit.

Although the building is open on the ground floor, the upper sections, which are accessed by a ladder, are completely closed off. It is there that weary travellers can find solitude, put their head down and escape the noise, cold, wind and other extreme weather outside. In the closed-off upper part, there are three hammock-style sleeping spaces on top of one another which are perfect for rest and relaxation.

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