Red Rocks

Építész Stúdió as Architects

eruptions from waving green red rocks chopped by giants polished by wind washed by rain crumbled by ice playful sunshine sliding down the slopes climbing up the sky coming life into the slots meeting of man and bird

The site is in the South of Budapest, close to the Danube. New residential area is changing the industrial area of the communist age. This concept plan was an attempt how to make airy building complex with maximized green area while providing the huge number of flats with the required parking area. There is no underground level. Parking is on the street level but the green rise is covering the whole site. Towers are growing out from the green. The towers are slimmer step by step approaching the sky, with less but bigger flats on the more and more valuable levels. Long stripes of terraces and windows are bitten to the huge stone blocks. The finely sliding sides and the transparent shadings are balancing the heavyness and definiteness of the stone blocks.

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