Reinforced Ring

Reinforced Ring

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Fieldevo Design Studio

Reinforced Ring

Fieldevo Design Studio as Architects

Reinforced Concrete (RC) is a construction material that often being used. The tension resistance of steel bar and compression resistance of concrete create a strong bond between each other when expanding and hardening.


Other than the support and plywood that used during hardening process, is the steel bar considered as a temporary construction materials as well?


Are the [timeless] and [temporary] characteristics presented during the construction process? What if the steel bar is constructed without pouring concrete for strengthening?


Therefore, one of the hypothesis that is being considered is that, the bond of steel bar and concrete are irreversible; what if the bond between [x] and steel bar can be reversed? What if steel bar is not only an internal skeleton but an external skeleton or finishes (or any other role?) Thus, what will be the [x]? Steel bar are manufactured with different diameters, perhaps the strength required for different connections will be different, but how do this related to each other?

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