Residence for a family in Taiwan

Residence for a family in Taiwan



Residence for a family in Taiwan

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Households of three generations are still popular in many parts of Asia and the Asian Pacific area. Grandparents, parents and children find that there is a sensible balance in the household. This residence is somewhere in between and is designed more like a small community of families. The families with small children have a separate wing. The older generation have their own and in between there is a generous area of shared space. Although the building is large, it is designed to keep a domestic scale, yet be able to support corporate entertaining when necessary.

The actual architecture is well suited to the semi-tropical climate. Scandinavian standards of insulation maintain the inner areas cool in summer without much aircon and warm in winter with only minimum heating. Needless to say, the AFR design balances well with the principles and details of feng shui

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