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Ramon Esteve Estudio as Architects

Nevis is a private residential estate with six semi-detached houses. The project questions all the established assumptions related to this housing typology. The added valued of these medium-sized dwellings lies in the planning stage. Every house has been carefully designed like a single universe, studying the spatial relation with the surroundings and the way the site is perceived in order to make the most of it.

The main goal is to invigorate the exiting outdoor space which tends to be overly determined by the particularities of this housing typology. The geometry of the building integrates the place and takes ownership of it by porches spreading over the garden and the swimming-pool.

On the other hand, in the search for providing singularity to each house and each pair, symmetries and horizontal planes are broken. Thus, the whole looks dynamic and the established concept of semi-detached house is diluted.

A single guideline rules everything and provides a uniform criterion embracing the whole project. This way a singular space with character is achieved. Dwellers can enjoy an intense sense of roominess and the essence of the Mediterranean Sea.

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