Restaurant Los Soprano

Restaurant Los Soprano

Dissenyados Arquitectura
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Restaurant Los Soprano

Dissenyados Arquitectura as Architects

The kitchen dominates all the access, open and elevated to reinforce the show cooking idea. The pizzero works in an outstanding situation, and like on a stage, his/her cooking is looked at by everybody. In order to join the two plants, we designed one double height in the corner of the building, that marks the main access and it communicates visually with the top plant. The bar, round in center of the space, and the lamp spider (made with Desk lamps) unite the two plants vertically.

It is inspired on the New York harbor warehouses. It is inspired in the New York harbour warehouses. This idea is sensed frin the very moment the customer gets in since a container, the merchandise boxes and the industrial lamps can be seen. Once on the top floor, the customer feels he/she is in a true wharf of merchandise transport. 4 real size containers dominate all the hall of the top floor and they are given different uses (office, bathrooms, vip room and exhibition showcase). The waiters furniture is also boxes to transport merchandise. The result is a modern atmosphere that surprises the visitor.

Primarily the restaurant is designed in steel and concrete. In the access plant, we used concrete for the floor and seen brick. On the top plant we used steel to built de containers and the ground is of wood.

This pizzeria/restaurant of Italian food is organized in two plants. The kitchen, open to the view of the clients, is in the access plant. The bar occupies the whole plant and changes its form according to its use (aisle for waiters, table, traditional bar) and a small hall with a view to the outer terrace. On the top plant is the restaurant hall.

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Restructuring and extension of a rural farmhouse
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