Restaurant Osteria di Campagna

Restaurant Osteria di Campagna

Russian Federation
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Restaurant Osteria di Campagna


Country Italian Restaurant

For the first time "Restaurant syndicate" was released outside of Moscow - near Moscow Zhukovka, Kirill Gusev opened another restaurant of the Italian home cooking - «Osteria di Campagna». «Di Campagna» means the country. It is also clear from the title of his relationship with another restaurant company - «Osteria Montiroli». The fact that the new restaurant also oversees Massimiliano Montiroli, chief of the same name osteria, with whose family started the history of Italian restaurants in the syndicate. It was he invited to the post of chief of the new osteria his cousin Andrea Bertoli, who had previously taught at the Turin Culinary Academy and worked in various restaurants in Turin, Milan, Florence and other Italian cities.

In «Osteria di Campagna» Andrea is home-made Italian cuisine, but, unlike «Osteria Montiroli», a more diverse regions of Italy.

But the main national culinary treasure - pizza and pasta - set aside a separate place of honor on the menu. All the pastries, pasta, and blanks - jams, pickles, compotes, liqueurs and liqueur - made in culinary factory Osteria. So if there is no time for breakfast or lunch, you can always just go and buy something with them in cooking Osteria.

To the interior of the restaurant is also acceptable epithet of "family".

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