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RR House

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Private Houses
Renato Ferreira
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Glass framepanoramah!®
Facade capottoVIERO UK

Product Spec Sheet
Glass frame
by LuzArq
Facade capotto

RR House


For RR House, maintaining the pre-existing façade - preserving the past - and optimizing strong communication with the surroundings were two structuring guidelines. But to respond to the functional program, it was necessary to reconcile this respect for pre-existence with the demands of contemporaneity.

Located in the Center region of Portugal, in the old and historic village of Lousã, the house is situated next to a mountain of the same name, recognized for the preservation of its landscaped and monumental spaces. Near the north end of the land, with about 900 m² and a gentle slope, the house layout allows a privileged south / west view, thermal optimization and increased privacy.

Building-to-ground integration sought to answer the question of how to accommodate space in the surroundings. The solution was found in the implementation, which allows you to fully enjoy the landscape without losing contact, both physical and visual, with the surrounding landscape. In addition, the various outdoor accesses on the ground floor allow you to enjoy the land in its entirety, reinforcing a strong sensory connection between the house and the surrounding space.

The exterior image of the building results from the connection of two realities - the present and the old. This is given to us by the memory of the façade, while contemporaneity is strongly underlined throughout the proposed construction. Assuming these two moments as a counterpoint, a uniform volume that looks to the future has been created, with the new construction emerging from the pre-existing façade and extending longitudinally throughout the terrain in a clear challenge of logic. of materials.

The duality in the new / old approach is repeated in the game of contrasts: light / dark, advances / setbacks and light / shadow. This dichotomy defines the image of the house, in a volumetry of faceted elements and pure forms, dematerialized by indented plans.

Arrival to the dwelling is made through the front wall that creates an exterior hall, preserving the privacy of those who live here.

The functional program is spread over two floors, each floor having an unequivocal function: the ground floor receives the social areas while the first floor accommodates the inhabited area at night. The social zone and the most intimate zone are clearly separated at the level of the interior spatial organization.

An analysis of the surrounding references - typologies and morphologies - guided the choice of local materials, making them compatible with new construction techniques and reinforcing the communication approach with the surroundings, where the wide use of large glazed panels prevails.

The entrance hall presents itself as a first moment of arrival at the house, where we still find the whole social area: living room, kitchen, laundry, bedroom / office and toilet service. The living room, flanked to the west and south by a large covered balcony, is divided into living room, dining room and reading room, with the separation of programs made by sliding panels allowing the autonomous use of these 3 spaces. The dining room - with direct access to the kitchen - transitions between it and the living room and forms the connecting axis between the 2 proposed floors.

Upstairs is the most intimate area with 4 bedrooms, one of them a master suite. On this floor there is also a south-facing balcony, lived by the suite, one of the bedrooms and a multifunctional space. Balconies are swung and the windows are set back so that light can be filtered in a perfectly controlled manner.

Material Used :

1. Facade capotto – Viero
2. Glass frame – Panoramah
3. Carpentry – JJ Teixeira
4. Concrete slabs - AMOP
5. Glass - Maxividro
6. Lightning - Luzarq

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