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Sited on a corner lot of 550 m2, the owner chose to establish his dream house on the site in the interest of having a healthy home, a home with abundance of natural lights and a well-circulated fresh air.

The architect designed the zoning plan and layout for this residence in a clear and concise manner. Public areas such as living and dining area placed on the ground floor, while the more private area such as bedrooms are set on the first floor. The two-story service area placed on the inside corner of the lot.

The main building mass of the residence situated on the outside part of the site, with the intention of exploring the potential view of the surroundings. By establishing that, an inner court space that allows optimal natural lights and fresh air flows inside then formed. This inner court space presents potential views from the living and dining area, while also serves as an outdoor playground for the children.

The façade of this residence already looks modern with its crisp lines and simple geometric forms. Yet, the architect manages to bring it a step further with details that mark as accents and enrich the design character.

One horizontal window elongates from one side of the façade to another on the first floor of this residence. This façade-long window gives the resident to enjoy panoramic view of the surroundings from their bedrooms.

While from the outside, this unique form of a window becomes a focal point for the exterior design. A wide canopy made of thin steel plate covering this opening strengthens the detail’s design.

One inspirational example of how to develop a common material into a design with added value can be seen applied on the feature walls design showcased on the front façade and one on the inner court area.

A simple aerated concrete of 20cm x 60 cm cut according to the architect’s guidelines, then arranged into modules on one plain wall surface, resulting in a 3-dimensional geometric patterned wall that gives a stark accent to an already well-mannered design. Looking at it on a glance, one wouldn’t easily notice that the 3-dimensional geometric pattern was made of series of aerated concretes composed together in such a way.

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Lima, Peru - Build completed in 2011
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