Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

St. Ann's Gate Architects
Salisbury, United Kingdom

Salisbury Cathedral

HOWE as Manufacturers

Description: Salisbury Cathedral is a beautiful, historic building, an international symbol of Christianity and a world-class heritage attraction. Salisbury is unique amongst medieval English cathedrals, for the major part built within a generation (1220-1258). The building itself is remarkable, a testimony to the faith and practical skills of those who erected it. Salisbury to the southwest of London is a centre of pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Every day, century after century, people come here to worship. So in 2003 the 60-year old chairs of the Salisbury Cathedral were ready for a much-needed replacement.

Furniture solution: Secretary of The Friends Miss Jane Erith said that a yearlong extensive research was carried out by the Cathedral to determine the type and brand of chair. "In competition with other quality furniture the HOWE 40/4 was chosen," Ms Erith said. "It has been in production since 1964, has long proven its durability, and is successfully used in St. Paul's Cathedral in London and elsewhere."

Client’s evaluation: Miss Jane Erith: "Our concern was to find a seating solution which would provide comfort, flexibility, and `stackability´. I think we've got it with David Rowland's design. It's a daunting and exciting project, our biggest undertaking yet."

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