Sequence House

Y.Architectural Design - Youichi Kouno as Architects

My client whose hobby is D.I.Y wanted to actively engage in the house-building. Her desire was to build storage furniture while living in the house, and the architecture as a vessel is to provide the most comfort and the feel of material quality. This house's theme is not only to take advantage of the location's goodness overlooking the sea but also to have a function as an atelier, and not to build in the internal space too much.

This house is divided into two buildings; a residential building and an atelier building. I put a roof on both of them and made a courtyard like a "clearance" in between. The roof over this courtyard is hollowed out into an elliptical shape, and the feet are connected to the deck that leads to the sea.

The atelier building is an one-story, residential building is a two-story. The roof of the atelier building is a wood deck terrace, which has connections with the external space at various points, so you can feel the refreshing sea breeze. The outer wall of the atelier building adopted wooden boards of various thickness, width and kinds, such as cherry, oak, chestnut and zelkova trees. Considerable secular change is expected because of the strong sea breeze at the location.

I am looking forward to how each wooden board will change over time. Overall, only natural materials such as wood, diatomaceous earth and tiles come out to the surface, and the inner space is kept quite simple. The kitchen directly represents such house design policies. Taking functionality into consideration, the counter top was custom-ordered to a technical company, but the material of the body is plywood. My client will enjoy making the storage space and finishing the surface. In addition, my client has completed the part of the floor and a wall by herself, and the gardening is now underway from the soil making.

This house is changing every time I visit. I cannot contain myself for joy to see the ever evolving "sequence design".


Solid wood, Painted wall (diatomaceous earth)

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