SHIRO Tamagawa

SHIRO Tamagawa

ODS / Oniki Design Studio
3-17-1Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan | View Map
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Takumi Ota

SHIRO Tamagawa

ODS / Oniki Design Studio as Architects

Store design for the cosmetic brand SHIRO, which offers products made from natural ingredients. The store occupies a long and narrow space of 19 meters wide and 1.3 meters deep, facing a common corridor in a shopping mall located in Tamagawa, Tokyo. The aim of this design was to create a space with a sense of openness and comfort inspired by the town with abundant nature and a relaxed atmosphere.


Taking advantage of the wide frontage, we placed a single large white counter along the common corridor. The display area, product shelves, cash register functions, and storage are consolidated within the counter, whose base is recessed to achieve a simple, floating design. The flat end of the 3.7-meter-long cantilevered countertop accentuates the relaxed impression of the store.


For the counter and the walls, two different plaster materials were applied to create different textures. The aggregates of the wall were scraped off in a half-dry state to create an uneven surface with delicate shades. Meanwhile, the counter was carefully polished by hand to create a smooth texture, accentuating the simple design of the products. This space expresses SHIRO’s passion for harnessing the blessings of nature as it is in its products.


Material Used :
1. Goethe House Unipral SL – Wall Finish – 000 Stone tone
2. Fucco Morart – Counter Finish – MT0031803A
3. Harada Sakan Polible – Floor Finish – Custom color

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