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KLID(Kris Lin Interior Design) as Interior Architects

This project is located in Shanghai north bund, the first row of the riverside. Enjoying excellent geographical location, it isaregional display exhibition hall in the planning of Shanghai bund.

Design ideation

History: Initially a fishing village, Shanghai was established as a commercial port in the Qing Dynasty and became a major trade port afterwards.After the Shanghai port was forced to open, the imperialists invaded Shanghai and set concessions here, building a large number of buildings and facilities. For more than a century, Shanghai was the paradise of foreign adventurers and invaders. After hundreds of years of development, it has now become a world famous metropolitan city. Design techniques

1. Joggling technique: Joggling is a technique frequently used in traditional buildings of China. It is the gem human wisdom. Joggling is a joint method that inserts tenon into mortice hole or mortice groove. It is a fundamental jointing method for classical Chinese furniture and modern furniture, as well as a main jointing method for modern framework furniture.

2. Skynet structure: The structure uses fishing net on which fishermen rely for livelihoods. A Raschel Warp Knitting Machine equipped with 4 to 8 guide bars weaves warp yarns to nets, and that is called as warp knitted knotless net, short for warp knitting method.

The warp knitted knotless net is smooth, wear-resistant, light in weight, stable in structure and high in knot strength. The net won’t deform or lax after being damaged, thus it is widely used in sea fishing, freshwater fishingand breeding as well as other kinds of special purposes. The fishing net flows with wind, falls down towater and floats in the wave, drawinga dynamic outline.Applying the dynamic feeling of net casting process in our design, the building presents a feeling thatthe entire spaceis wrapped in a huge skynet fell with the wind, if you look up from the bottom.

During the construction process, we have adopted the traditional Chinese joggling technique to connect the Skynet, so as to build a space rich in visual art effects.

At the moment the fishing net iscastedon the water,the lines of the nets will be fully extended to form a space with interweaved pattern, demonstrating the smooth and elegant connection of each line.

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