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This family home dating from the 1960’s was re-designed to improve its environmental performance and to meet the changing needs of the occupants since their grown-up children recently moved out. The semi-detached house is located in an established medium-density residential neighbourhood in South Dublin.

The transitionary space to the front of the house was reconsidered to set up a subtle distinction between the private and public realms. Set back from the residential street, passive surveillance is increased by carefully articulating the entrance space to the front of the house. The new roof of the converted garage projects beyond the existing building line and folds to create a sheltered enclosure and granite entrance plinth. Timber and glazed screens wrap beneath this overhang to integrate the new façade of the converted garage with the viewing panel which provides a sense of the space beyond.

The ground floor plan was re-worked and extended to create an open plan space to the rear which fully connects with the garden beyond. Full height glazed doors create a wrapping rear façade and these doors slide and pivot to open the internal space on to an external granite plinth.

A series of full height internal timber doors and panels form a coherent screen within this new living space and lead to the original rooms to the front of the house. The original garage space was converted to provide an efficient utility and storage space which links to the new entrance and provides an alternative serviceable access. The internal doors between the original living room and the new living space also slide and fold away to allow the spaces to connect fully when required, while preserving the integrity of a smaller more intimate reading and music room to the front of the house.

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Apus Kankay
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