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manufacturerMade a Mano - THE ORIGINAL PRODUCER
manufacturerTarimas del Mundo

Product Spec Sheet
by Roca
by Otranto
by Roca



The house is located in the heart of Madrid, in the Austrias neighborhood, a quiet cobbled pedestrian sidewalk very close to the Royal Palace and the Opera. It is a house built in the nineteenth century specifically for a young couple. The objective was clear, to demolish everything and radically change the image of the house while maintaining its essence. To do this the first thing To decide is to change the location of the kitchen, previously located in the back of the house, in order to place it in the main façade open to the living room and turning it into the new family and social gathering centre of the couple. The new location of the kitchen allows you to think of it as a meeting room than as a dark area for cooking.

The position in the corner of the building allows the great window in the balcony and a large window, which means that as well as hearing the bells chimming from the nearby church of San Nicolas, days are longer thanks to the amount of light comming in. Due to this, the furniture is low in height, topped by a Macael marble coutertop and banister where the fantastic ceramic sink can be highlighted. The floor, with old hidraulic tiles by Otranto bought in Barcelona. The wooden table, of Nordic origin, is property of the owners, as well as the chairs. The lamp, also of Danish origin was adquired by the owners in an antique store in one of his multiple journeys. Then, with direct access through a wooden door restored with old fashioned glass panels also acquired in Otrano, and converted into a sliding door, the living room can be located. This space together with the kitchen is the heart of the appartment. The big size floor chosen was made out of floating oak Wood by Tarimas del Mundo.

As for the elecric decor, we´re counting with the good taste of the couple. In this piece we can find a great variety of different styles mixing the classic with the vintage and even with pieces of contemporaty art. It is worth noticing a fantastic Goya lithograph mounted on a gold wooden frame, and a vintage lamp on a Wood table also with two old Dutch bicycles. In the same way as in the kitchen, here the owners decided to do without the tall furniture, in order to emphasize the altitude of the nearly three meter ceiling. Another thing that stands out is the way the seating area is placed, diagonal to the appartment, in a visual game in which the variety of the seats also participate: varying from a bench with a modern style to an armchair to a three-seat- sofa.

In the façade, two great balconies with original wooden windows and shutters. In the corner, above t radiator, a fantastic contemporany esculture with the mythical plastic chair designed by the Eames. The main entrance of the appartment, located in the central axis, allows to differentiate the zone from day to night. A large wine shaded canvas accompanied by numerous photographs and paintings, situated on top of a wooden pine tree shelf receives us and greets us. Above it is a large window that allows the entrance to light from the joint bedroom. The private zone of the appartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The guest room is orientated towards a quiet façade, that has a large cupboard with DM doors with a continuous knob that runs from the top to the foot of the cupboard. As an accessory, there´s a fantastic contemporary piece situated above a simple natural pine tree shelf.

Next to the guest room, there´s a bathroom decorated with hidraulic tiles by Made a Mano, microcement shower cabin and vintage sink, tap and mirror with a wooden frame. The main bedroom suite is located in the most peaceful part of the household. The dressing room, has cupboards that reach the roof and is located between the main bedroom and the bathroom. In the bathroom there´s an extended bathtub with iron legs obtained fron an antique shop in Otranto. This bathroom is, like the other one, is with hidraulic tiles by Made a Mano.

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