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Dana Shaked
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so bing

Dana Shaked as Architects

SO BING, a brand that specialize in the curation of Korean desserts, opened its first branch at the heart of Tel-Aviv. The brand offers its clients a wide array of indulging deserts, all based on -wait for it -snow! Shaved ice is being poured into a bowl and is topped with fruits, ice cream, sauces and other delicious toppings.  


This type of desert is very common in Korea and therefore the wall cover at the entrance of the space is made of birch wood plates that resemble the looks of classic asian dividers. On the wall are two screens displaying pictures of different dishes and international brand images.


Above the wall and around the entire space hangs a round AC tunnel that was painted in the brand’s signature turquoise shade. The serving area is covered with turquoise and white tiles which gives a chilled ambiance that responds well to the black round bowls of frozen desserts. 


Besides the big ice machines, there are fridges for storage, an ice cream freezer and a glass fronted cabinet displaying models of the various dishes. The models are so on point that one may easily confuse them with real fresh food. Next to the preparation and serving areas is the hot beverage unit and two cashiers. 


The front of the counter was covered with birch wood carpentry combined with black diagonals from formica.


The floors, as well as the table covers, are in a minimalistic concrete-like gray shade that creates a neutral contrast to the colorful products. To complete the overall atmosphere, white snowflakes in different sizes were hung on the walls.


The outside sitting area includes rattan and straw made chairs in shades of brown and gray which provides an authentic feel that could remind the customer of a minimal asian sitting area.



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