Social Housing in Paris

Social Housing in Paris

Paris, France - Build completed in 2018
Sergio Grazia

Social Housing in Paris

Gaetan Le Penhuel & Associés, Architectes as Architects

This urban and architectural operation, must demonstrate the added value of density in the city. Itmust also be an opportunity to "re‐enchant" the site of the 'Porte de Clignancourt'. This Paris gate,now noisy and busy, is in full restructuring with the arrival of the tramway. We are betting to imagine

for the future, the emergence of a renewed identity for a neighborhood located in the heart of the green belt.

The redesigned plot, which will house 103 social housing units, shops and a restaurant dedicated to students will reinforce the animation of a revitalized and comfortable neighborhood.

In the current metropolitan context, the green belt, a real Parisian heritage to preserve, has a role to play, and must become a qualitative space, inhabited, traveled, shared, serving the dense city/density. We need to highlight its specific characteristics, which offer exceptional landscape qualities, potential for new routes and uses, ecological corridors and vital biodiversity sites.

In line with the objectives of the Parisian urban rules (PLU) , we focus our intervention on the revaluation of the site around three essential axes: more nature, more porosity, more uses.

We promote the porosity of the plot by emphasizing the relationships in / out, between the heart of the plot and the street, allowing reciprocal views between the site interiors and the surrounding large landscape, as neighboring HBMs (housing in brick from the 30's).

Thus we initiate a dynamic of aesthetic new buildings within the green belt, which is inspired by the dialogue with nature close, the great infrastructure (loop, sports plots...) that cross and the omnipresent horizon at this gateway to Paris.

To live in the green belt is to find oneself inevitably in a singular and paradoxical urban situation,from which we take advantage to propose new forms of habitat.




Certification H&E Profil A / PLAN CLIMAT

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