St Johns Avenue

St Johns Avenue

Flower Michelin Architects
United Kingdom
Project Year
Private Houses

Restoration and remodelling of a near derelict Victorian light industrial workshop

Flower Michelin Architects as Architects

Flower Michelin and their Clients have recently completed the conversion, restoration and remodelling of a near derelict Victorian light industrial workshop, in North West London, transforming it into a thoroughly unique spacious family.

Sandwiched between terraced houses on this residential street, the existing property was being used as a timber workshop. The Client saw huge potential in the building and, with Flower Michelin as Architects, transformed the property into their home. To make the most of the large windows and doors on the upper floor, the 3 bedrooms were unconventionally located on the lower levels. The two rear bedrooms could not have windows due to boundary conditions. Instead they are beautifully lit by new opening rooflights, which flood the spaces with light and fresh air. Locating the bedrooms on the lower levels allowed the upper floor to form a bright open plan living space, incorporating the original workshop window and door openings as well as a new rooflight.

The interiors are intentionally minimalist, to provide a clutter free backdrop to display the owners collection of furniture, lighting and artwork, many of which are reclaimed originals. These pieces enhance the property’s originality: a muted and light colour palette compliments the Client’s furniture beautifully; the flush doors are architrave free, with concealed hinges; there is no skirting or cornicing to the walls; lights are recessed into the ceiling with no visible trims; the frame of the First Floor rooflight is fully concealed. The existing exposed painted brick wall is retained and provides a direct reference to the building’s industrial past, further referenced with the use of a polished concrete floors throughout the Ground Floor. A reclaimed original timber floor brings yet more history into the building, and is finished to a high sheen to reflect light around the open plan living area, further increasing the sense of space.

The house and its contents, where possible have been reclaimed, reused or recycled through salvage yards and auctions and carefully curated by the owners to form a unique and special home. Each piece has a story and history just like the renovated workshop in which they dwell and which they have so lovingly restored.

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