Strömkajen Ferry Terminals for Waxholmsbolaget and Strömma Kanalbolaget

Strömkajen Ferry Terminals for Waxholmsbolaget and Strömma Kanalbolaget

Marge Arkitekter AB
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Strömkajen Ferry Terminals for Waxholmsbolaget and Strömma Kanalbolaget

Marge Arkitekter AB as Architects

The terminal buildings for the archipelago boat traffic are situated at Strömkajen - one of Stockholm’s most frequented visited areas. It is the departure point for boats from Waxholmsbolaget and for the sightseeing boats ofStrömmaKanalbolaget. Its central location opposite the Royal Palace, next to the Grand Hotel and the National Art Gallery together with its proximity to Skeppsholmen with its many museums has resulted in a considerable flow of tourists to the area.

The design places priority on maintaining the free views of the palace from Stallgatan and Grevgränd and on highlighting the monumental edifices on Blasiholmen. The terminal buildings are therefore scaled down in deference to the surrounding architecture.

The design concept is based on an elementary form – the cone, which are either open, framing a view over the water alternatively is closed and exposing traffic information. The cones are combined in different ways to meet the demands of the different businesses, resulting in buildings without any specific fronts and backs. Every building is unique but together they create a cohesive expression for the boat traffic ofStrömkajen.

Exterior facades are covered with burnished Tombak, a brass allegation. The interiors are made in rough sawn oak. Glass parts by the waiting hall and the selling areaare drawn back to give rain shelter and to provide space for facade displaying. Due to the construction of the buildings a precise expression has been created where guttering and drain pipes can be avoided.

Closest to the bridge Strömbron the terminal for Strömma is to be found. The company Waxholmsbolaget has kept its former position outside the Grand Hôtel. The third building contains warehouse and recycling center for the boats and to add a public use it has been complemented with a café area and an outlook stairway. From the stairway you can take a magnificent picture of the castle or just sit in the sun and enjoy the view over the old city of Stockholm.

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