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Student housing

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Student Housing

Student housing

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The student houses B and C As mentioned earlier, these two buildings have been positioned more deeply within the courtyard garden.

Building B has 7 building levels and connects to the Backstay building with the face end. This U-shaped building consists of a base of five levels crowned with two floors. It forms a pendant in relation to the adjoining, adjacent building. In order to give each of the 93 rooms sufficient light and to disperse the volume into the courtyard, it was decided that a recess should be made in the center of the volume to obtain a systematic U-shape. This incision ensures that the building has a far greater articulation than when the entire permissible surface area is fully built up. The facades of the base are provided as stacked surfaces in various shades suggesting thereby the abundance of student rooms. Program becomes facade, each room is given an identity. The division composed of base-crowning creates a reduced dominance in the inner area. This receded crown with vertical lattice work in dark color favors the incidence of light.

Building C consists of two levels and is situated opposite the garden. This building connects to the rear facades of the adjacent buildings. Conceptually, it has been devised to fit seamlessly into the existing provisional and rear facades of the project edging. It was decided that the best way to resolve the excessive construction length would be by allowing the collective circulation to run via the outdoor terraces, which are an extension of the rooms. For this purpose, the building's front facade was removed and replaced by several steel tubes, creating a great degree of openness towards the square. The rest of the building's structure is retained. The vertical circulation takes place via sets of stairs that are hung on the building. At the height of these stairs the terraces become wider and this results in fully fledged outdoor spaces. This building consists of 12 student rooms.

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