Studio Mescla

Studio Mescla

Cité Arquitetura
Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil | View Map
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Crockery and metals for bathrooms, kitchens and service areaDeca
LightingForça Carioca
MDF panelsGuararapes
Stones and benchesHARMONY
Paints and TexturesIbratin
Clothes and curtainsIole Mendonça Atelie

Product Spec Sheet
Crockery and metals for bathrooms, kitchens and service area
by Deca
MDF panels
Stones and benches
Paints and Textures
by Ibratin
Clothes and curtains

Studio Mescla

Cité Arquitetura as Architects

Detailed carpentry and multifunctional furniture allowed the space to have a wide range of uses

Rio de Janeiro, August 2020 - Inviting, versatile and mixing the functions of home and office on a daily basis. This is the Studio Mescla project, an apartment signed by Cité Arquitetura and designed for a client looking for a more functional 'living' in Rio de Janeiro. The main purpos went on to create a place that would house the basic functions of housing and, at the same time, had a space to receive people and hold work meetings. So, three main pieces were chosen (bed / sofa, table, armchair) that are modified and adapted to what the resident needs. Cité's proposal was to work on the spatial issue in an unexpected way, with the intelligent choice of multifunctional furniture that could reproduce a space with varied possibilities of use.


The bed, a design by Cité in partnership with LZ Studio, was the focal point of the creative process. The idea was to create versatile furniture, with different (loose and modulated) backrests that would allow the multiplicity of uses, not being limited to its traditional function and used as a more comfortable and unexpected workspace.


The position of the television in relation to the dining table and bed, for example, allows it to be used to mirror the computer for presentations and also to watch television from the bed. The sideboard, on the other side, can be a complement of seats for the dining table. This dining table can also be used as a work table or as an auxiliary kitchen counter, so it was made of quartzite stone to be resistant to its multiple uses. In addition, one of the dining table chairs is hybrid: in addition to a dining chair, it also functions as an office chair.


Highlight for the multifunctional joinery, the boaserie panel in green lacquer and for the walls covered in detailed joinery down to the last details, as in the case of handles. The ceiling was designed and hand paited to make it more real and give perspective, revealing an image of graph paper, something that evokes the design of dreams. As the window, which is enlarged and occupies almost the entire length of the apartment, that guarantees better lighting to the space, it was decided to choose lower furniture that would not prevent the generous light entry. For lighting, a multifunctional rail was used. The sculptural character of this piece guarantees an extra attribute, without losing functionality. The bed lamp can be hung and when moved it works as a reading light.


Material Used :
1. Portobello - Porcelain and Mechanical Coatings
2. Deca - Crockery and metals for bathrooms, kitchens and service area
3. Ibratin - Paints and Textures
4. Força Carioca - Lighting
5. Guararapes - MDF panels
6. Atelier Iole Mendonça - clothes and curtains
7. Shoptime - production and household appliances
8. Harmony Stones - stones and benches
9. Urias Serviços - Joinery and locksmithing
10. Celsius Leal - Ceiling painting
11. LZ Studio - Furniture

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