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Studios for Artists in Residency

Studios for Artists in Residency

Atelier d'Architecture AIUD
Liège, Belgium
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Maxime Delvaux

Studios for Artists in Residency

Atelier d'Architecture AIUD as Architects

The building to affect in artistic studios was part of an ensemble of industrial buildings of the old colliery of Vivegnis. The extremely limited budgets and the will of recycling the existing parts, led us to decide affectations allowed by the existing spatial and relational capacities. The old factories developed on two levels under a shed roof will host the artistic studios and a little polyvalent room. The spaces situated in the volume with the flat roof along the Vivegnis street host the offices, a big meeting room and a cafeteria. The distribution of the artistic studios on the first floor will be made by an exterior passageway which allows not to cut on the spaces with a distribution corridor. This configuration allows also to organize an exit towards the exterior for each studio, which permits to keep the existing metallic structure without any fire protection. The new roof is a flat surface which covers the sheds. It allows to extend the volumes of the studios on the first floor and to create a new image of these old factories.

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