Sukpisan SHRINE

Sukpisan SHRINE

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Sukpisan SHRINE

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The home-office of Sukpisan Family is a building clustered which contains a large green space in between two houses, one clubhouse, and one office. Since there is no sanctuary area before, so they desired to have their own sacred things which can protect them from all unfortunate events.

Sukpisan SHRINE is a ‘Brahma shrine’ combining with a ‘house of Guardian spirit’. Since the overall context is modern contemporary architecture, the shrine was designed by following the context which finally becomes a modern-like shrine but still keep traditional function as it should be.

The architecture has 3 gables, big one, medium one, and small one which is for MAIN ENTRANCE, BRAHMA, and GUARDIAN SPIRIT respectively. Floor level has been elevated for 1 meter because the shrine should be placed on higher level than the house. It is located in a large green space in between each buildings which can easily access and worship. Moreover, Brahma has 4 faces, in our belief, 4 faces can see things and protect us in 360 degrees.

Material using of this shrine is mainly 'white marble' cladding on reinforced concrete structure. It has been used in all floor, wall, and roof since the continuity of massing was created. Materials and Lighting design also shows different effects between DAYTIME and NIGHTTIME. During daytime, golden Brahma can easily be seen with ‘white marble shrine’ background, while ‘recessed lighting’ makes the golden Brahma be seen in darkness. Moreover, the shrine shines and becomes a lightness during nighttime.

The section portrays that, people who walking up to the Shrine should ‘BOW THEIR HEADS’ since the gable roof has been elevated down at the last step of staircase, in order to force everyone to salute the Brahma.

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