Dasha Martynova

Sundial by prescription. in collaboration with Arup

prescription. as Architects

Sundial is a solar analysis project by prescription. in collaboration with Arup. The geometry is strictly pragmatic, based on natural solar trajectory and without additional beautification.

Sundial is the result of a study of the solar path cycle. The gathered data is transformed into geometry for each hour of daylight. The direction of the sun’s rays dictates and shapes the outline of the sundial to provide the minimum necessary surface area. The optimized geometry also resembles that of a flower petal, and likewise the structure can be self-bearing without the need for supporting elements. This finding raises the question – are flower petals such a shape due to the trajectory of the sun?

Features:  shows time in digits;  works 365 days a year;· entirely scalable;· unique to geographic location;· provides basis for future implementation.

A 3D printed prototype was made out of strong and flexible plastic for a “field test” in Amsterdam, which proved that the calculations are correct.

Sundial can be (temporarily) installed for light festivals and expos and, because it is scalable, in spaces from parks to front yards.

Sundial highlights that nature and mathematical laws are beautiful in and of themselves. At prescription. our task is to find and to translate these into architectural objects and processes.

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Jinlong Prefab School
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Jinlong Prefab School

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Beijing, China - Build completed in 2020
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