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NewsNews • 21 Oct 2021

Benthem Crouwel Architects add color to reveal original materials of seventeenth-century Amsterdam canal house

The national heritage weaver’s house on the Vijzelgracht is one out of roughly eighty weaver’s houses that have survived. Benthem Crouwel Architects restored and renovated the canal house into a contemporary home, while preserving the original layout. The design reveals as much of the original material as possible. Jannes Linders The architects applied a bright color palette to enhance the variety in materials and spaces. The colors range from dark tones in the lower floor, to bright tones in the attic. The design combines careful new detailing with original seventeenth-century elements. Jannes Linders Most of the building was renovated and some elements were removed and added. A storage structure in the rear made wa... More

NewsNews • 7 Jun 2021

KAAN Architecten renovates 60s Amsterdam office building with sleek new exterior

Inspired by Donald Judd’s abstract art, KAAN Architecten renovated 60s office building the Walvis into a sleek new office building with a strong horizontal emphasis. The solid dark bands are on closer inspection light hollow metal constructions. © Sebastian van Damme KAAN Architecten stripped the former 10,000 sqm structure, of the rationalist style that emerged in the 50s-60s, down to its bare bones and completely renovated it. The main ingredients for the redesign were lightness, spaciousness, sightlines, functional clarity and an elegant facade. © Sebastian van Damme The recessed bands of triple glazing in combination with the protruding aluminium create an effect of floating floors. The architects added porth... More

Project • By AlumetHotels

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam

This hotel in Amsterdam is the largest Holiday Inn Express in Europa. It is located on the northern shore of the IJ-lake, is 45 meters high, consists of 2 towers, has 14 floors and 438 rooms and a magnificent view of Amsterdam. The almost 11.000m2 of cladding were anodised by Alumet in the colour AluGold03.Anodised aluminium has multiple advantages. It is very durable and corrosion resitant. Colours are UV resitant thus colourfast. Anodised aluminium retains its metal character and can easily be cleaned. It is part of the circular economy as it can be 100% recycled and therefore re-used.  More

NewsNews • 28 Apr 2021

KAAN Architecten completes monumental and composed Amsterdam Courthouse

KAAN Architecten wanted to create a building that exudes authority and yet feels inviting to the public. Two rectangular volumes are arranged to form a public square. The square extends seamlessly into the interior using the same grey paving and benches. The entrance canopy extends equal distance both ways, inside and out, to further the blending of the two.  © Fernando Guerra FG+SG Visitors enter the central foyer that includes a reception desk and cafeteria. Upwards the courtyards are surrounded by spacious foyers. © Fernando Guerra FG+SG The top level office floors are connected through a circular staircase. The detention cells are located under the building and are connected to separate pick-up and drop-off ra... More

Project • By ZJACar Parks

Pontsteigergarage, Amsterdam

Along the water Just west of Amsterdam’s Central Station a new extension of Amsterdam is being built. Of the three Houthavens (Timberdocks), the middle one is being transformed into a residential area. The Pontsteiger building is the 90-meter high icon that functions as the landmark of this development. It is a robust, square building towering above the water in a bend of the river IJ. A dam connects the building to the Tasmanstraat. The entrance to the two underground parking garages is also to be found on this dam. One garage serves the residents and users of the Pontsteiger building, the other one is a municipal parking with a capacity of 277 cars for permit holders in the Tasman neighbourhood. This one, the Pontsteiger parking ga... More

Project • By AlumetHotels

Hotel Boat and Co

Hotel Boat & Co is one of the latest sustainable architectonic icons with a hint to the Amsterdam School. The almost energy neutral hotel has an EPC of 0,041. This design shows, that a robust brick facade can be combined beautifully with aluminium window frames. The 330 window frames are anodised in the latest Alumet colour AluBronze335. The hotel is designed in such a way, that it can easily be repurposed. More

Project • By ZJAAquaducts

Weguitbreiding A1/A6 Diemen – Almere Havendreef

Between Amsterdam and Almere It seems an odd question: is it possible to drastically improve the infrastructure of the northern part of the Randstad, between Diemen and Almere, and at the same time preserve the Dutch landscape and improve ecological values? The question becomes even more odd when one realizes that this entails a stretch of motorway of 23 kilometers, where extra lanes are added to the A1 and A6 and some 50 structures including bridges, ecoducts, bicycle tunnels, fly overs and even an aquaduct leading under a river are part of the plan. And yet, one can conclude that the answer to this odd question can be a resounding yes. This complex infrastructural landscape is part of a larger project to improve the connection between S... More

Project • By ZJAStadiums

Skybox Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam

Have you ever noticed the waves that hide inside brown cardboard boxes which move silently and unobtrusively through the world? They are in the material itself, a thin sheet of paper undulating between two thicker sheets of cardboard. These paper waves create space and structure. By trapping air and a having a crushable zone, corrugated cardboard is light, strong and even insulating and protective. For the design of The Timeless Box, a skybox in the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam, commissioned by Hans van Veggel and Timeless Investments, the architectural office ZJA applied this everyday material, but ignored all the useful qualities. It is about the beauty that can be generated by a combined action of two types of waves: mechanically re... More

Project • By Dam & Partners ArchitectenShops

Noordblok Stadionplein

For years, Stadionplein in Amsterdam was best known as a boarding point for holiday buses and because of the Febo on the square. Once conceived as a temporary parking space for the 1928 Olympic Games, the square was never really finished; nor did it when the Amstelveenseweg was connected to the Amsterdam ring road, effectively making the square an entrance to the city. Based on the urban master plan that Floris Alkemade / OMA drew up in close consultation with local residents, the square has been redesigned by West 8. Two buildings, a residential building with a mixed program and a hotel, branch on the block structure devised by Berlage. This also enhances the experience of one of the most beautiful and surely the longest urban sightline i... More

Project • By NinetynineOffices

Office Ninetynine

When designing our own workplace, we wanted it to reflect our way of working as a small design studio.  By mapping our main activities and dividing them throughout the space, we created a clear division between the area where “stuff gets done” and the area where the creative process takes place. We designed bespoke furniture items to help us to organise the daily balancing act between creating and organising, pushing boundaries and making things happen.   ZONES The office is located in a large former hospital in the centre of Amsterdam. The unit itself is 75sqm, including a 30sqm mezzanine, and is flooded with natural light. The work zone is situated on the base level with a 6-person work island (Lensvelt Studio Du... More

NewsNews • 6 Aug 2020

Graphic designers put their talents to the design of a bold new office building in Amsterdam

As much logo as building, this office building located on an Amsterdam square was conceived by graphic designers Thonik. In additional to the striking ‘zebra’ like patterns of vertical and horizontal lines, the façade registers a bold staircase. Credit: Ossip Serving also as a new headquarters for Thonik, one of the most successful graphic design agencies in the Netherlands, the building’s overall volume is substantial, with a height of 23 meters and a width of 14 meters. The building is however a mere 8 meters in depth. Credit: Ossip The Amsterdam graphic design studio developed the workspace itself, which is unusual in that the area surrounding has been largely developed in a conventional manner by dev... More

Project • By Orange ArchitectsOffices


Orange Architects has designed four of the fourteen building volumes – 1, 2, 9, 10 – that make up the central block on the Westerdok Island in Amsterdam. This perimeter block is composed of various volumes grouped around a large central space called the Cour.   The volumes vary in height from three to eleven storeys, and an underground car park extends under the whole development. The volume overlooking the IJ waterway varies in height from seven to eleven storeys and contains 111 apartments and 1,500 m2 of office space. The volumes on the Westerdok side contain 36 apartments and a gatehouse. This tower is eleven floors tall and contains four apartments per floor on levels 0-6 and two apartments per floor on levels 7-10.... More

Project • By VMX ArchitectsApartments


With a new form of front garden, the Noordbuurt blocks create opportunities for a communal street life, as an important quality of the urban living environment for families.  Negotiating the transition from the large-scale open space of the harbour and quay, to the intimacy of the domestic sphere, a new type of interstitial space has been designed for family apartments in Amsterdam IJburg. The Dutch cliché of the open curtains, allowing people to see into the interior of the home, is still often reflected in design schemes for ground floor living. The reality, however, is that from the moment of inhabitation windows at street level are mostly screened. To anticipate this need for privacy, while also enabling interaction with th... More

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIHotels

hotel Frank since 1666, Amsterdam

Wunderkammer interior for hotel Frank since 1666, Amsterdam Published by: Jeroen de Nijs BNI More

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIPrivate Houses

Canal house Amsterdam

On one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals in the Jordaan, an old deprecated warehouse from the 18th century had already been shut down for many years. We were asked by the two residents to design a home of allure and equipped with all modern conveniences. The surface area of ​​approximately 50 m2 and 5 floors forced us to think carefully about the location of the functions and the routing through the building. The location of the various stairs was the biggest challenge for us. These are very detailed and positioned that they form a self-evident division of the living functions while maintaining the open character. This results in daylight far into the house. The kitchen is on the first floor where the dining table is in contact wi... More