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Project • By NinetynineOffices

Office Ninetynine

When designing our own workplace, we wanted it to reflect our way of working as a small design studio.  By mapping our main activities and dividing them throughout the space, we created a clear division between the area where “stuff gets... More

NewsNews • 6 Aug 2020

Graphic designers put their talents to the design of a bold new office building in Amsterdam

As much logo as building, this office building located on an Amsterdam square was conceived by graphic designers Thonik. In additional to the striking ‘zebra’ like patterns of vertical and horizontal lines, the façade registers a b... More

Project • By Orange ArchitectsOffices


Orange Architects has designed four of the fourteen building volumes – 1, 2, 9, 10 – that make up the central block on the Westerdok Island in Amsterdam. This perimeter block is composed of various volumes grouped around a large central s... More

Project • By VMX ArchitectsApartments


With a new form of front garden, the Noordbuurt blocks create opportunities for a communal street life, as an important quality of the urban living environment for families.  Negotiating the transition from the large-scale open space of the har... More

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIHotels

hotel Frank since 1666, Amsterdam

Wunderkammer interior for hotel Frank since 1666, Amsterdam Published by: Jeroen de Nijs BNI More

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIPrivate Houses

Canal house Amsterdam

On one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals in the Jordaan, an old deprecated warehouse from the 18th century had already been shut down for many years. We were asked by the two residents to design a home of allure and equipped with all modern... More

Project • By NinetynineOffices

TSH Collab

Introduction “TSH Collab is the final piece of The Student Hotel’s complete connected Community, a fully integrated co-living and co-working world. It is a professional space where freelancers, start-ups and local game-changers can work... More

Project • By NinetynineBars

Coffeecompany Spui

This existing location of Coffeecompany underwent a refit with a fresh new interior. The smallest location of the brand, it resulted in a completely new layout, focussing on the usual coffee offer extended with a large food menu. The espresso machine... More

Project • By NinetynineBars

NAKED Espresso

Introduction NAKED espresso is a new espresso bar concept. The founders have a passion for coffee and strive to share this passion with their guests by creating modern yet timeless top-quality espresso bars in the city centre of Amsterdam. The visio... More

Project • By NinetynineHeritages

Restaurant Entrepot

Introduction Restaurant Entrepot is led by chef Arvid Schmidt and host Xander Waller. The menu offers an ever-changing list of exciting small dishes, made with local seasonal products and largely prepared over open fire. The restaurant is located in... More

Project • By Casper Schwarz ArchitectsOffices


With respect to this early 19th-century former bank building we created a design that exudes tranquility, quality and sophistication. Careful material selections are interspersed with sparkling accents. A design language that connects the present and... More

Project • By NinetynineBars

Hotel Casa Amsterdam

Take one imposing building, consisting of three separate areas, serving a very diverse clientele, and turn it into one giant living area that caters to the need of all. That, in a nutshell, was the challenge in renovating Amsterdam’s Hotel Casa. ... More

Project • By KENK architectenApartments


In this new business district of Amsterdam a mix of housing, offices and facilities is realized. A unique characteristic in the urban layout of the plan is that the different blocks are all conceived as separate 'urban palaces' with secondary buildin... More

Project • By DZAPOffices


Usabilla’s new office is a hidden gem in the heart of Amsterdam’s city center. Recently, different departments have moved into the space to stimulate collaboration. Besides improving interaction between teams, the office also needed to be ‘a fun... More

Project • By Modular Lighting InstrumentsAuditoriums

EU Summit

Between January 1 and June 30,2016 the Netherlands presided the European Union. This presidency includes the organisation of a European summit, which was hosted in Amsterdam. In collaboration with the renowned Dutch designer Edward van Vliet, Modular... More