Swelled house

Swelled house

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Swelled house

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A house for a female hairdresser and a pair of cats between the hill behind and a small stream. There is a hair salon, where the owner works, and a dining room, where the owner can work on the weekdays and dine with her friends on the weekends on the 1st floor and some residential spaces on the 2nd floor.

The site is large and there still remain natural environments such as a stream below and small hills except for a neighboring house on the north side.

Like a stone on earth, which used to be in the ground Like plants wavering in the winds, Like leaves and nuts falling around according to the weather on the day, Like erosion forming landscape for a long time, Like water makes a sphere with the surface tension, Like swelled by the expansion force, I thought of how architecture can blend with environments.

Non-artificial building and space apart from the designer can be created by the volume changes influenced by a natural action, air expansion force.

I formed the volume with an expansion of air leaking into the gap between two planes like a paper balloon.

I suppose this will lead to the instability of shapes, which looks like to go back to the original shape, and the air volume with motions inside.

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