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Project • By Pure Mess DesignShowrooms


Caption 3senses is the newest project signed by Pure-Mess Design. Caption Caption The 376 sq m space located in Bucharest reveals a beauty clinic that also provides dental services performed by a team of professionals in their field. Caption Caption The design concept starts from the integration of the three essential senses of aesthetics, in a design that emphasizes a different environment for each one. Caption Caption More

Project • By BrigadaWellness Centres

Kanso Hair Salon

A hair salon inspired by the simplicity of a Japanese garden The inspiration behind the creative concept for the interior of the Kanso hair salon was a Japanese garden. The Japanese garden, just like Kanso, is a space defined by simple lines and natural materials, the result of years of tradition and skilful performance, a place where people come either to enjoy its aesthetics or to simply relax and contemplate. Just like the Japanese garden, our hair salon is also divided into different zones, into several spaces with different functions. The different zones consist of a sales area right by the entrance, a colour-bar, an intimate place for washing hair, a working area where Kanso creations are brought to life and a space where training ta... More

Project • By Jeroen de Nijs BNIWellness Centres

Brutal Salon Bosman, Alkmaar

Brutalist hairsalon Bosman by Jeroen de Nijs bni More

Project • By CJ STUDIOShops


3d diamond shape patterned ceiling adds an undulating landscape above head. It brings rhythmic atmosphere into space with an industrial fashion look, lightly flying over a more conventional, calm, heavier walls finished with stone spray paint. The contrast combination of materials accentuates the physical sensation as well as nerves everyone's thoughts. KUOMIN LEE In collaboration with Kerastase, a professional hair product provider, the fashion salon Flux opened a new branch in Xin-Yi District of Taipei, expanding their shared service region. Co-branding was a business strategy for our clients, but we also considered it coherently as a spatial idea. Extracted from branding names respectively, letter "X" and "K" look similar in terms... More

Project • By M1DTWShops

6 Salon (Old Woodward)

6 Salon (Old Woodward) is a 21-station hair salon that focuses on the interaction between stylist and client. It relies on a range of materials whose surface qualities interact with light. The site, a ground level, retail storefront in a mixed-use building built in the 1960s, is the second location for the client, whose original 18-station salon shares a similar spatial configuration. This project involved relocating and expanding a nearby 12-station salon, doubling the capacity and making use of a number of existing elements, including a make-up counter and reception desk. The existing corner entry was reworked with a new floor to ceiling glass storefront that extends parallel to the existing facade to create an interstitial vestibule an... More

Project • By Egue y SetaTrade Shows

Alma Hair Spa Salon

Aura, spirit, character or personality. This is THE place to be if you want to pamper everything that is unique and intangible in you, while putting (your hair and) your head in the kindest and most experienced hands. Its creator has named it Alma (soul), and this premium new hairdressing concept is all about wellbeing, caring, comfort and health as the fundamental basis of appearance. To host this “alma” and keeping in mind the same brand values, we have designed this sensuous, suggestive and ethereal space that ends up being a “wellness treatment” on its own. An atmosphere of deem lights, kind textures and sinuous curves that manages to add up to this wholistic beauty experience and reflecting the purity of your so... More

Project • By FGP AtelierShops

Starring by Ted Gibson

After many years leading Ted Gibson Salon – a 20 chair salon on 5th Avenue in the Flatiron District of Manhattan with a satellite in Miami that catered to a celebrity and socialite clientele – Ted Gibson closed his eponymous salon and moved to Los Angeles with his partner in life and business Jason Backe in order to embark on the next chapter.  Their goal was to reinvent the salon experience as profound, interactive, and enlightening while also rethinking the traditional business model of manufacturers and distributors selling products to salons which then are resold to clients.  One aspect of realizing this vision would be launching their own product line called “Starring.”  The other would be a new s... More

Project • By PLUS ULTRA studioShops

GSP | Domestic Hair Salon

This project for a new hair salon in Pesaro wishes to convey a sense of domesticity and comfort to its customers. More ideas converge in the project, first of all, the owner's work philosophy, matured and consolidated over the years: a philosophy made of passion for nature, for environmentally friendly materials and sustainability, especially if made of small gestures. Aim of the project is to combine and make tangible the salon owner's vision with the idea of "sustainable beauty" of the brand Davines. The company, always committed to the production of environmentally friendly products, promoted the idea of salons as a fulcrum from which to transmit good practices of respect for the environment. "By creating beauty sustainably, we encourag... More

Project • By dmp arquitecturaShops

SAN Hair

The SAN Hair & MakeUp project is carried out on 55sq.m. on the ground floor of one of the most emblematic Art Deco buildings of the Countess, designed by Ing. Francisco Serrano, so the design sought to integrate with it.The facade was proposed as a connector between the interior and exterior of the living room, for this was designed a lattice display with straight lines that allows a sifted visual connection from different sets of volumes, which seeks to arouse the curiosity of walkers.Because it is a small space, the project concentrates the bath-rooms and services in a module manufactured of blacksmithing, polycarbonate and Acapulco yarn; which not only allows you to leave the rest of the space free but also functions as a large light... More

Project • By RSDAWellness Centres

Vurve Signature Salon, ECR

A destination for relaxation and rejuvenation, Vurve Signature Salon located in Palavakkam, Chennai enunciates splendour in both design and experience. The architects have envisaged the two- storeyed space to radiate opulence that serves as an exquisite escape from the humdrum of the city, housing various services that the users can avail. The entrance to the salon is through an iconic red door that rests against the subtle facade. The lift lobby encountered at the entrance leads to the first floor of the salon. Parametric forms combined with a vibrant theme create an exclusive experience for the visitors while endowing the salon with a distinct identity. The main hallway is a softly lit space with a parametrically-designed ceiling perched... More

Project • By Wood & ColShops

Minimalist Salon

A concrete landmark is reinvented in this compact international hair salon Hair Story @ Elit Avenue Penang, Malaysia. This modern minimalist salon concept tends to cultivate a genuinely unique environment for customers to feel at home in. Bare concrete feature wall in natural concrete color along the hair cutting counters provide a sense of neutrality for customers and to accent the users and activities in the space. Minimal furniture space planning makes the salon space looks larger and wider visually.  More

Project • By SNARK Inc.Private Houses

House in Shibukawa

A vertical void makes relationshipsA wooden 2-story house for a family built in the downtown area of Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan, which has also a hair salon that runs by the owner. Parking lots are set to the front road and the opposite side of the house is used as a private garden. While the hair salon is opening whole other rooms should be silent. This family has 2 children though they might make some noise after school or Sunday afternoon. The vertical void is sandwiched between the hair salon and their activity rooms and the vertical void solves to sound and vibration problem in a wooden structure especially. Of course it is better ventilation and getting sun light, part of circulation. Expose/envelopeThe wooden structure... More

Project • By Naoya Matsumoto designShops

ROWEN esaka

A hair salon on the fifth floor of a multi-tenant building in Osaka designed by Naoya Matsumoto Design.   With “low price, high quality, speedy” as its brand concept, this salon has 13 stations and 4 wet stations  set within about a 43㎡(460 ft2)space. Itssmooth flow planning and a space composition of “as is” features and sharply defines the concept. First, we boldly set double-sided styling stations right in the center of the floor and secured enough space on both sides for themain circular flow. Around the cutting area,partitions with uniform heights of 1500mm are arrangedbetweenboth the shampooingand the reception areas- which also work as storage lockers, which mildly obstruct the view, but are less... More

Project • By PlexwoodShops

Clip, Umeå

Project: Clip, Umeå, SEApplication: Hair salon flooring, stairways, wall, logo, door, seating elements and display casesKind of wood: BeechProduct: Parquet strip, Panel one-sided, Panel two-sided, SolidDesign: Sweco ab, Umeå, SE More

Project • By dygsaShops


This is ahair salon in Osaka Japan. A wall that gradually rises from the front isindicates privacy level. It’s making the various materials be compounded in the simple composition.   Material Used :1. Floor / concrete, tile2. Wall, Ceiling / plasterboard painting3. Counter / tile, plywood4. Facade / mortar, steel frame window More