T Apartment

T Apartment

Carola Vannini Architecture
Rome, Italy | View Map
Project Year
Stefano Pedretti

T Apartment

Carola Vannini Architecture as Architects

This small 80 square meters Roman Apartment has been completely transformed by the demolition of all existing interior walls. The apartment now includes a big living/kitchen space, the master bedroom, two kids bedrooms and two bathrooms. The porject has created a small miracle of space optimization. The rooms, previousely dark and narrow, now create wide open perspectives.

A careful lighting design as well as the use of a natural color palette have underlined the architecture, while creating a positive environment to live in. The two kids bedrooms, otherwise small, have been connected through a sliding wall that turn them, in case of need, in one big and wide space.

Materials and products:

Living room Pendant lights by Flos

Custom made kitchen following the Architect’s drawings

Back lit plexiglass panels with painter Tamara de Lempicka artworks

Cooker hood by Falmec

Bedrooms furniture custom made following the Architect’s drawings

Bedrooms Wall covering by Glamora

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Project Credits
Products used in this project
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
Living room Pendant lights FlosAIM
Cooker hood Falmec
Bedrooms Wall covering GLAMORA S.r.l
Product Spec Sheet
Living room Pendant lights
AIM by Flos
Cooker hood
by Falmec
Bedrooms Wall covering
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