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TAKAVA coffee-buffet

TAKAVA coffee-buffet

YUDIN Design
Kiev, Ukraine | View Map
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TAKAVA coffee-buffet

YUDIN Design as Architects

Coffee shop in the modern style. The naming and all the brand identification for the cafè was developed by YUDIN Design studio.

TAKAVA coffee-buffet is a modern coffee shop in the center of Kiev. The brand, the interior and exterior of the cafè were created by the designers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin.

Brothers Yudin were invited to create the new brand of the coffe shop that will attract business people by some interesting and fleur atmosphere. The Ukrainian interior designers made for the cafè brand all: starting from the name and finishing to the last detail as for example the take away cups. All VIS services package was made by the head-designers of the YUDIN Design studio very fast. The logo of the coffee shop is playing around with the shape of a Turkish dzesva. The sensation association with the Turkish coffee pot became the leading motive in the modern cafè interior for the coffee bar TAKAVA. 

The main concept of the logo is the cezve. This symbol unambiguously refers to Turkey and one of the most famous and spectacular ways of making coffee in the typical Turkish coffee pot. The same idea is expressed in the name of the coffee bar that was proposed by YUDIN Design studio.

The coffee shop is located on one of the central streets of Kiev. Therefore, the Ukrainian designers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin decided to create an exterior able to help to identify the coffee bar, but not to violate the architectural solution of the whole building.

The huge glass door on the facade allows to see from the street almost the entire cafè interior, and vice versa to admire the city life sitting in the coffee bar.

Then the Ukrainian designers deliberately chose for the design of the cafè materials that create a barely perceptible effect of aging: a light wood and the coarse plaster, red brick and a burning copper.

The pleasant lighting in the interior was created by the designer fixtures from the studio YUDIN Product and the technical lighting located in niches.

The useful decoration of this modern coffee bar is the coffee machine Victoria Arduino - these legendary apparatuses have been brewing coffee for more than a century, since 1905.

Especially for TAKAVA coffee-buffet, the designers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin came up with pouffes in the shape of a cezve, the symbol of which goes through the whole concept of the institution.

The designer shelving is a custom made furniture projected by the workshop YUDIN Product. It also serves as background of several tables in the bar. The designers took the idea of its free shape from the bees honeycombs.

All the furniture for the coffee shop interior was designed so that it is comfortable and performs the role of scenery for the common idea of TAKAVA coffee-buffet.

The design of the toilets in the bar is simple, but also preserves the stylistics of the whole institution.

Also the cabinet was made to order by the studio and works as a decor element. Vinyls and books have been placed in it.

Especially for the design of the coffee bar, the designers Vladimir and Aleksander Yudin created the tall wooden rack with the backlighting in each niche, and the The multicolored velor pouffes.

On the second floor Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin decided to install a vinyl record player to not only look at the vinyl collection of the coffee shop, but also to enjoy its silk sounds along with a coffee.

The fixture in the shape of a jezve, designed by YUDIN Product, was produced by the masters of the Lviv factory PikArt Lighting.

The interior lighting of the coffee hause creates comfort and correctly reflects the design techniques.

For the interior decoration, brothers Yudin used both technical light and decor lighting of their own design.

In the cafe interior everything reminds us about the Turkish way of brewing coffee. Even small custom made tables are made in the likeness of the cezve

The Ukrainian interior designers have found an unusual, but successful combination for this modern coffee bar: velor and minimally processed wood.

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