B01 Arquitectes
Lloret de Mar, Spain

The theatre of Lloret de Mar

B01 Arquitectes as Architects

From the architects: << The programme in Lloret was clear and the plot was an unusual green area, an untouched island in the midst of the chaotic tourist hub. The programme incorporated theatrical ideal but there was also a wish for the hall to be multi-purpose with an annexed outside area for summer shows. They did not want a stage tower and the hall had to fit in with a determined clearance height, meaning the knowledgeable sound technician needed time in order to take into account such a variety of uses. Accordingly, the hall was a strict case and we did everything possible for it to continue in this vain when added to the rest of the programme. This project was simple in terms of concept, as indeed the City council had stated. However this accumulation of mass – the volumetric unit- gave us an excuse to incorporate it into the seeting, a green valley where the odd small brook still meandered and where on a nearby hill the old estate that gave the place its name rises majestically, although it has now been converted into a cultural facility. As with all classic estates, this one also incorporated a solid structure and was suggestive as a small Mediterranean Acropolis as a counterpoint to the theatre.>>

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