The Dawn Office

The Dawn Office

ADDA Architects
Surat, Gujarat, India | View Map
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Ishita Sitwala

The Dawn Office

ADDA Architects as Architects

A: Our design intent for The Dawn Office focuses on offering a renewed approach towards a workspace environ to the end-users. The designed office space addresses the dual aims of creating a modern hospitable office whilst keeping pragmatism at its core. The role of sunlight and daylighting in The Dawn Office is pivotal as the space’s East-facing orientation conjures the morphing interplay of light indoors. This feature allows spaces to come to life and engage the sociography created across zones of the office while framing views of the verdant outdoors.

Minimalism reigned the design brief, ensuring that the ideology of ‘less is more’ was implemented intrinsically. The transition spaces anchor high lintel fenestrations which look into the expansive terrace garden that is an extension of the office, lending itself to outdoor experiences and recreational activities. The renewed intention was to weave together an open environment with as much natural lighting as possible and fluidic versatile areas that allow for flexible ways of working: be it individual working models or a collaborative work space that can remain open or closed. 

A: The former space’s configuration was composed of private offices and a few open areas that didn’t function optimally. This fragmentation between the public and private spheres did not allow its users to fully take advantage of the space’s spatial and operative capacities. Hence, The Dawn Office’s design needed to ensure the inclusion of heightened natural lighting levels indoors. This would not only ensure strategic illumination but also enhance a sense of productivity and wellbeing amidst users. The initial construct needed to be reimagined in an inside-out manner to create an engaging, safe and highly neoteric space.

A: The curated usage of materiality in a space affects its functionality and aesthetic in an impactful manner. At the Dawn Office selected wood, terrazzo, micro-cement, glass partition systems and metal frames for their aesthetic and durability in the corporate office’s context.

The office is bathed in light wooden tones that render the space a homogenous persona; the punctuations of metal and glass add to the upbeat and sleek identity of spaces. Large glass surfaces invite plentiful daylight, allowing sunlight to work visual dynamism in the space kudos to the eastern exposure of the site. The main objective has been to introduce elegance and cohesiveness through the tasteful contrast of materials.



Material Used:
1. Flooring: Italian, CMC
2. Doors: Veneer Finish
3. Windows: Aluminum, Sliding, Hi-Tech
4. Interior lighting: L.E. D, Concealed, Latlif
5. Interior furniture: Customized

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